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Security Screens and Doors- Things to Consider

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When it comes to our home we need to make sure that we take the required security standards to make sure that our family is safe and secure. Some of us will spend hundreds of dollars on a high tech lock or alarm system. Instead of spending money that you might not have why not simply put in a security screen door.

These are similar to the traditional screen doors – except that they are bigger, stronger, and more secure. They are not constructed with wood that can easily be broken – but with strong metals that are able to hold up against almost anything.

One of the functions of a modern security screen door remains the same – to keep out insects when your main interior doors are open – but they now also serve the purpose of providing an additional layer of home security. A good security screens and doors or windows grille therefore does an important job in helping to protect your home from intruders, so it is important to install a high-quality product that is up to the job.

While all doors provide some form of security barrier, just because a product is marketed as a home security product it does not mean it is. In fact, when it comes to home security many doors marketed as “home security screens” fall way short of security industry standards. And therefore, here are some things you need to seek in a good security screens and doors:

1. materials the door frames are made from

A proper home security door should be made of galvanized aluminum and powder coated steel. The doors are not only stronger but also give greater protection against corrosion and rust which results from exposure to the weather.

2. Grille strength

The home security screen door should have preferably 3 or more hinges with fixed hinge pins that are hard to remove.

3. Mesh type

The home security screen door should have stainless steel mesh and be attached to the door frame using either pac clamps, or stainless steel screws. The ideal home security mesh is either marine 304 grade mesh or 316 grade mesh.

4. the number of hinges

The real thing to look for to ensure your home security door is strong is the number of rivets, or clamps attaching the mesh to the door.

5. The locking device used.

The final consideration is the home security door lock. A proper home security door lock should have a five pin cylinder or equivalent. To add strength to the overall strength of the home security door, a door with a three point lock is preferred. The three point home security door lock makes it extremely difficult to rip the door from its hinges while also spreading the load of the force applied by the person attempting to break through the door.

Home security screen doors are an important piece of your over-all home security system and are your front line defense against any intruder. If considering home security screens make sure you check all the features of the product as a weakness in one area of construction and can have a significant impact on both your personal safety and the protection of your valuables.

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