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Security Screen Doors

We all feel like leaving the front door open specially in the hot and humid summer weather. But that may as well be any invitations to robbers and thieves. What should we do, should we let go of the natural breeze or should we simply install security screen doors to get the best of both the words.

The screen doors let the air and light in while preventing the burglars or at least delaying them substantially before they can gain an entrance.

The screen doors come in all sizes of configurations. There are flimsy as a aluminum frame with plastic netting screen doors to study as a prison door constructed out of high-grade steel. Since you are talking of security screen doors we are going to look at the sturdy types.

There are certain parameters which have to be adhered to, to call a normal screen door as secure. Australian Standard AS5039-2008 has to be met or exceeded there is a further standard of installation. A company which follows the standards should have no problem in providing you with a written guarantee.

The frame for the door should ideally be made of steel, the frame could be made of aluminium also since aluminium is less prone to corrosion. The frame should have hardened edges. By hard and be mean reinforced edges where the welding has been specially done to increase the strength.

The infill of the door should ideally be made of steel again, it could have decorative patterns but you should choose a pattern which does not compromise on quality. But you should go in for the best grade possible to afford at least some security from your security screen doors. The infill should be welded securely to the grill and not just bought it on. Avoid aluminium bolts altogether.

Very late dog bolt type hinge and of five pin cylinder lock increase the overall strength and security of your security screen doors.

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