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More Fun Outside with Non Slip Outdoor Tiles

In today’s time when safety is of great concern for many homeowners, non slip outdoor tiles have been in great demand to make sure that everyone can spend a fun time outside. As everyone loves the outdoors, especially when spent with friend and family members, safety is something that is considered a priority. When designing the outdoor space, one should never settle for something that is bare minimum. You need to make sure that the outdoor area is a remarkable space.

A Wide Selection to Choose From

Sadly, in most cases the residential space is neglected. The majority of outdoor spaces are either paved or concrete with concrete pavers or standard clay. This is partly due to the fact that there was never a great selection of beautiful non slip outdoor tiles that people can choose from. In case there were any, they were available at high prices that discouraged people to buy them.

Good thing that such time is now over. At present, it is now easy to find a lot of inspirational tiles for the outdoors at very affordable prices. Among the most sought-after tiles are made in different countries known for manufacturing tiles that we are now making use of today.

One reason that makes such tiles very popular is their non-slip feature. The outdoor area is highly unprotected to elements like dust and water could make the space very slippery. So, the challenge is to properly identify the anti-slip feature of the tile. It is done with DIN classification that determines the anti-slip rating by giving an R value. When the rating is higher, it means the more anti-slip the tile is.

Finding the Right Rating

For a residential outdoor area, a rating of at least R11 is recommended. When buying outdoor anti slip tiles, opt for such rating of higher. Depending on the given environment of the area for tiling, you might even choose tiles with R12 or an R13 rating.


One important thing to remember and give importance to is maintenance to keep the tiles clean. You may imagine that the rougher the given surface is, then the more difficult it is to maintain its cleanliness. Therefore, it is recommended to feel the texture before buying it.

Different Types

Today, there is a very wide range of anti slip tiles for the outdoors that are available in the market. Among the most known ones intended for the outdoors are those with natural stone look, timber look, concrete look, and other types of porcelain tiles. In addition, most of them come in two different textures: for the indoor and outdoor.

With this, you may create a seamless and uniform space by making use of the same tile both inside and out. This makes it easier to achieve your desired look without having to compromise safety.

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