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Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet: A Way to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet: A Way to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Having a business means having so many things to worry about. For one, it is a must to ensure the safety of the people in the workplace. As accidents could happen, it is important to always be prepared and as much as possible, prevent them from happening.

Any potential chemical or fire accident is something that business owners worry about. No one would ever want to see something so important just go up in flames. It is not a secret that most industrial accidents and fire are caused by improper handling and storage of dangerous substances. For such purpose, there is a dangerous goods storage cabinet that is specifically designed to keep hazardous substances locked away.

Different Types of Dangerous Goods Cabinet

A dangerous goods storage cabinet comes in different types that are made to store a specific kind of goods. Considering the types of goods, there are cabinets intended for flammable gases and liquids, as well as for corrosive materials, solid flammable, organic peroxides, and oxidizing substances. Given this, a cabinet that is for flammable solids should never be used to store gas substances.

Size and Shape

In addition, these cabinets come in different shapes and sizes. It is very important to select one that has the right size and volume capacity for your specific storage needs. Overcrowding the cabinet with more than what it is designed to handle can be very dangerous as it could lead to spills and chemicals will get in contact with each other. A cabinet that has enough number of shelves and has separate compartments makes it easier to organize the goods in a safe manner.


Before making the decision to buy a storage cabinet, it is important to take into consideration where it was manufactured. As with the majority of industrial equipment, you may come across with a cabinet that originates from China, as well as those that have been locally manufactured.

Be sure to choose a cabinet that is designed according to the best standards. Locally designed cabinets often give better peace of mind as they are required to comply with the safety standards. At the same time, local manufacturers also consider the climate and conditions to design a cabinet that is more durable. Moreover, make sure that you are buying one that comes with a good warranty.

Considering all these things, you should never settle for a cabinet that is less as much as the safety of the workplace and the people is concerned. With this, see to it that the cabinets used to store dangerous goods come with strong locking mechanisms and will not be easily accessed by anyone except to those have the authority to handle them. Furthermore, it is a must to limit access to dangerous materials to guarantee that these materials will not fall in the wrong hands and will be handled improperly.

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