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CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale: Features and Option

The use of CNC plasma cutter for sale for the purpose of automating the machining process is a great way to achieve precision, consistency, and efficiency in all cutting works. Plasma cutting has been proven by many people to be a precise and efficient method than working with high-pressure water jets and oxy-fuel.


In the last few years, CNC machines have become more available in major industrial operations and the price was incredibly prohibitive. At present, there is a wide range of these machines in the market that suit the needs of smaller shops. Even entry-level units are available and these are ideal for hobbyist use. If you happen to be working with a plasma cutter, it is very important to fully understand some of the related terms and what accessories are needed to achieve the best results.


Height Control

A CNC plasma cutter for sale features an automated height control technology that is very helpful in ensuring the proper pierce and height of the cut.



This serves to form an XY coordinate setup that facilitates horizontal torch movement. This also features a heavy-duty rail system and can either be pedestal or floor mounted. In addition, it can be built into the side of a worktable. There are several sizes available, from the ones that offer the cutting area a couple of feet long to setups that can span up to 100-foot gaps.


Cutting Guide

This will help create a more precise cut. There are specific guides that exist for circles, lines, and specialized cut types. It would be great to purchase a guide set that has the most used guides.


Air Filters

The plasma cutter’s filtration system is a very important component and it also serves to remove any impurity and moisture that could damage the torch and create poor cuts. Getting a good filtration kit is very important. It should have a replaceable filter element. You should also use high-quality filters that are capable of removing particles at a high-efficiency level.


Safety Gear

Specific safety gear is necessary when using any type of plasma cutter. It is a must to wear a pair of heavy-duty leather gloves that are intended for high-heat applications. Sufficient eye protection is also necessary.



These parts or known as consumables should be replaced from time to time as they can be prone to wear and tear. This may include electrodes, shields, nozzles, retaining caps, and swirl rings. It is very important to keep a kit for the parts so they can be changed out immediately in order to minimize downtime.



The right software is one of the most indispensable elements in any CNC machining. Many plasma cutters come with built-in programming like basic shape libraries. Additional software may be needed to come up with customized designs.

By knowing all these things, you can better maximize the use of your plasma cutter and you can expect it to be serving its purpose for a very long time.

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