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Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

What are the usual benefits of water jet cutting? There is a manifold that you need to be well aware of.  And if your business is involved in metal fabrication works, then a water jet machine is bound to become an indispensable tool to have for your business. Like for instance, it lets you cut through tough metal in the most perfect fashion you can imagine, giving you that much-needed versatility of use for your project.

Water jet cutting technology is not new. In fact,  it has been around as early as the 1950s. It was invented by a forestry engineer who at that time was having much difficulty in cutting lumber from the enormous trees that he has cut down and was working with. As years and decades went by, it underwent many changes, upgrades, and improvements before arriving at the version that we have today.  

While there are many options available when it comes to cutting through hard objects, they just have their own limits. Even if they are tough and sharp enough and have jagged edges, they just won’t be able to cut through everything. And that is the end of the line for them but this is where water jet cutting will come into the picture.

No Heat Involved in Water Jet Cutting

For traditional cutting methods, it is inevitable for them not to generate heat because they involve the use of friction in cutting through a tough object, especially in metals. There is the total absence of heat in water jet technology and this signifies no distorting, melting or warping along on the edges of the material you have cut. This is most helpful to you when you are working on a sensitive cutting job where you require the greatest precision possible.


Waterjet cutting devices are highly prized because of their amazing precision. This cutting-edge technology allows you to make precision cuts to +-0.005 of an inch.  But this does not come cheap. The more precision you require for your project, the higher the cost of the set up will be for the cutter. Even the materials that will be required to carry out your specifications will have to be along this line, too. The mere fact that the cutting process itself is managed and controlled by a computer and guided by specialized software, you can trust that it indeed can produce the precise cuts your project requires


There are cutting methods that will work great for a limited number of materials but may not be the same for others. Waterjet tools offer great flexibility in this area in such a way that it can almost cut through almost anything effectively.

Perhaps, if there is a notable exemption for waterjet cutters is that they can’t handle tempered glass. Certainly, it is possible that it may not work well with others, but for now, the only exemption for it is tempered glass. Some of the materials that have been tested and proven to be cut with great precision by waterjet cutter are alloys of all types, steel, marble, wood, stone, plastics, rubber, aluminum and composites.  

With all the great benefits from high precision and fast turnaround to its versatility of cutting there is no wonder this is becoming the new cutting method of choice. If you want to get a piece of high tech or prototype material cut then this is the only choice that should already be made up for you. Water jet cutting service is your best solution for precision material cutting.

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